De Vere 5108 FS

De Vere 5108  FS

DE VERE 5108 F/S              


A floor standing enlarger with counterbalanced drop baseboard assembly, still with front of baseboard controls (i.e. no reaching to size & focus when making large prints)


negatives 35mm – 8 x 10”

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De Vere 5108 FS

30 x 40” (75 x 200cms) baseboard.

Table has five positions fully calibrated.

Also available wall or bench mounted


Light sources available               Dichromat      colour Mk III, Mk IV, Mk V (twin lamp)

                                                Condenser      tungsten with filter drawer

                                                Difcon             diffused condensers for B & W

                                                Varicontrast   difused B & W for Multigrade & graded papers

                                                Ilford 500        B & W Multigrade



All available in A & B quality

Prices range from £1,500 - £3,995  depending on model & specification.

Full manufacturer’s warranty.

Call for quote & details on 01273 676768